Of the people, for the people and by the people


What is project BharatVerse?

BharatVerse is an attempt to bring our glorious BHARAT onto the metaverse.

The name "BharatVerse" is a metaverse built as a virtual equivalent of “Bharat” i.e., India and is open for participation to anyone with an interest in showcasing this wonderful land. This project intends to provide opportunities to promote everything BHARATIYA like art, culture, food, tourism, and much more. We hope and expect that a metaverse built around the great nation of Bharat should be as rich in opportunity as its geographical equivalent, if not richer.

In simple words, we envision BharatVerse as a collaboratively-built virtual world where every square meter of Bharat can be showcased as it exists in real life or as it can exist in the future.

BharatVerse shall be built on the three-pronged principles of Collaboration, Creativity, and Contribution, which are defined as follows:


The BharatVerse is collaborative by default. The underlying mantra of the BharatVerse project is the same as the one that of democracy - “of the people, for the people and by the people”


The immediate applications for BharatVerse are largely creative - specifically, virtual tourism and showcasing local arts & culture.


A portion of any revenue earned on BharatVerse shall be circulated back into the local economy in real life (IRL).


Buy Virtual

You become a 'Bharatizen' when you acquire a piece of virtual land in the BhartVerse, which also grants you the opportunity to monetize it.

Build on
Virtual Land

Whether it's replicating an existing structure or building something entirely new, the possibilities are endless!


Create as well as enjoy any and all kinds of Virtual Reality-based tourism content on your own piece of virtual land in the BharatVerse


Use Augmented Reality to construct or enjoy past glory – or even future prospects – of any piece of land that you might come across in the BharatVerse

Virtual Archaeological

Visit any archaeological marvel of India from the comfort of your own home!

Virtual Museum

Take an interactive museum tour while sitting at home and learn about the glorious history of Bharat.


Create and trade NFTs of anything and everything - local art, music, food and so much more!


Phase 1

Q2 2022: Launch project

Launch the project BharatVerse to start building the community


Phase 2

Q3 2022: Public Beta Live

Public beta of the BharatVerse to go live to demonstrate possibilities

ETA: August 15, 2022

Phase 3

Q1 2023: Land Sale Begin

Initiate land sale to start on 26th Jan 2023

ETA: January 25, 2023

Phase 4

Q2 2023: Public assets go live

People can start posting content on their procured land tiles/plots

Phase 5

Q3 2023: AR app goes live

Go live with first AR based tourism

Phase 6

Q2 2024: BharatVerse Mall launch

First central marketplace in the BharatVerse

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it like other metaverse projects where I can buy land and build a game etc on it?
    Oh yes, absolutely! Additionally, the virtual land in the BharatVerse corresponds to a parcel of land in the real world. So you can buy the tile/plot exactly corresponding to your house in the real world and make something cool there!
  • What can I make/host on my land tile/plot?
    Anything, really! We typically suggest that you host any utility which can showcase the real (or future) India. But don’t be limited by our suggestions - let your creativity flow! Who knows, maybe you’ll also be able to earn some money out of it?!
  • Can I buy plot inside DRDO, Army campus, Taj Mahal, President Estate etc ?
    Sadly, no. Some Tiles and Plots - especially those that are considered to be sensitive from the national interest perspective - will be reserved in the beginning and will (might?) be made available for sale at a later date. That said, if you have a larger-than-life vision for a particular Tile or Plot, e.g. the AR or VR tourism of Taj Mahal, please connect with us and we will try and figure out a way to make it happen together!
  • What will happen to my plot if Facebook decides to sell it in a parallel multiverse?
    BharatVerse is the first (and so far, the only) metaverse project that is mapped 1:1 on top of the real geographical area of India. Most of the metaverse makers are selling plots on some virtual, imaginary land.
  • Who decides ownership?
    Blockchain. :)
  • If I purchase a block what is the guarantee that I will be the sole owner till I transfer or sell it to another person
    Each Tile or Plot will be a non-fungible token (NFT) on the blockchain. Therefore, each Tile/Plot will be as unique as your fingerprint. For each Tile/Plot there can (and will) be only one NFT.
  • How can I know that the tile or the plot which I want to buy has not already sold?
    Each Tile/Plot will show a record of its ownership on the BharatVerse website - just like it does on OpenSea or any other NFT marketplace.
  • How will I come to know the latest resale value of my tile/plot?
    Similar to the floor price mechanism on any NFT marketplace. In fact, our secondary sale will happen in OpenSea and other such marketplaces.
  • Is there any registration cost associated with buying NFT or Blocks?
    As of now there isn’t any registration cost associated with buying Tiles and Plots. You pay just the NFT price for the Tile/Plot you decide to buy. (plus gas fee, as and where applicable)
  • Who will bear the GST and TDS cost of buying NFT?
    As per the law of the land any applicable taxes will have to be paid by the buyer of the NFT.
  • If I want to sell my plot, how fast can I realize my money?
    As soon as you find a new buyer - just like any other NFT project. But instead of selling the land why not build something cool and earn from your creation? It is the metaverse and there are no limits to your imagination, you know!
  • Can I purchase the tile/plot through INR or only crypto/ETH?
    We are currently working with legal as well as taxation experts to identify a way by which the Bhartizens can enjoy the metaverse with fiat currency like INR or USD as well. Stay tuned!
  • Will I need to enroll myself to any Crypto Exchange to buy plots/NFTs
    All you need is a wallet with money. It could be with a CEX or DEX.
  • What is the stand of the Govt of India on taxation of metaverse transactions ?
    भारतVerse is a project on blockchain and every asset acquired here will be a VDA (Virtual Digital Asset) as per the definition by Govt of India. We are aware that the Govt is working on the laws around VDAs and all the laws that will be codified in this regard will also be applicable to the BharatVerse project as well.
  • What is the organization structure behind भारतVerse?
    As of this moment, the BharatVerse project is a body-corporate but it will eventually take the shape of a DAO. We intend to make this happen as soon as we find the right set of people to run the DAO.

Have more questions? Hit us up on any of our official channels and we’d be happy to clarify any doubts you may have. Perhaps we’ll even add your question to the FAQs so that others may benefit from them too!


Download the LitePaper to read more about the BharatVerse project

This LitePaper is currently designated as an 'evolving' document i.e., it will be constantly changed and updated as the understanding, direction, values, and intentions of the BharatVerse Core Collective change.

Download PDF


Anybody is welcome to participate in BharatVerse. The eventual organisational structure will be a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO). However, we initially plan to implement a 3-tiered structure to ensure smooth deployment and running of the BharatVerse.

This structure is broadly summarised as below:

The Core Collective

This is the group of people involved in the founding of this project and their names and details are available in the People section of this document. The Core Collective retains ultimate vetoing powers in all decisions pertaining to the BharatVerse at the moment.

The Stakeholders

This is the group of people who are involved in the day-to-day operations of the BharatVerse. These members will work closely with the Core Collective to execute any actions necessary for the BharatVerse to operate smoothly. There are several openings available in the Stakeholders group and if you think you should be part of this project, please do get in touch using the Official Links!

The 'Bharatizens'

Anybody who wishes to participate in the BharatVerse can become a ‘Bharatizen’ by acquiring any of the offerings in the BharatVerse ecosystem. Acquisition can happen through several methods as explained under the Acquisition section of this LitePaper.